Friday, January 7, 2011

Breaking down the Predictions.

Alright, so it's been months since I posted anything substantail.

Let's look back at how my pre-season predictions looked.


1. Saints- not too bad.  Made the playoffs as a WC and have looked good in recent weeks.

2. Cowboys - I was about as wrong as wrong could be.  The Cowboys played very poorly, and let's face it, disinterested for most of the season.

3. Packers - I think I did pretty well here considering the injuries they had to overcome.  I mean would it surprise anyone if Green Bay made it to the super bowl?

4. Vikings - talk about wrong!  Who saw the wheels coming off this wagon so soon?  My Gosh, Brett Favre played like the old man he is, and can someone tell me what happened to the defense?  I'm not sure if I heard Jared Allen's name called all year.

5. Niners - the only pick worse than the Vikings was the 49ers.  What a complete dissappointment. 

Darkhorse: Eagles - ended up being an excellent selection as a dark horse.  I did not predict the Michael Vick resurgence, but they have alot of Offensive weapons and their defense came around like I thought it would.

1. The Colts - The Colts had an up and down season for them.  That said, they had a large number of injuries and still won their division.  I don't see them advancing too far in the playoffs, but not a bad season at all.

2. The Baltimore Ravens - this looks like a pretty good pick.  At 12-4 the Ravens could be the best Wild Card team to ever make the playoffs, and unlike the Colts a long run by the Ravens would not surprise me.

3. Chargers- Wow.  That's about all I can say.  The only team in History to have the #1 Offense in the League, and the #1 Defense in the league (statistically) and not make the playoffs.  In fact, every other time that has happened in league history the team ended up in the championship.  They found ways to lose.  Repeatedly.  As a chargers fan, let me tell was disgusting.

4.  Patriots - not in "flux" any more.  They traded Randy Moss and went on a tear.  The Patriots set a record for the fewest amount of turnovers in a 16 game season this year.  Funny how that works.

5.  The Jets.  Well, they made the playoffs.  I'm still not sold on this team.  They looked pretty good early in the season, but not so good down the stretch.  I'd be surprised if they won the AFC.

Darkhorse:  Bengals - just when it was looking like I knew what I was talking about with the AFC...getting 4 out of 5 of my preseason predictions in the playoffs.  Yikes.  The Bengals stunk.  Except in week 16 against San Diego, of course.  Thanks alot Bengals.

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