Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NFL Live Blog: Giants/Cowboys season opener.

Coming to you LIVE (well as I write this, it's live, by the time you read it it will be later, but you get the drift) from a farmhouse located somewhere near Elkton, SD....

It's the NFL Season Kickoff Live Blog

(too much?  yeah, I guess so)

Tonight's match up features last year's Super Bowl Champions, The Giants of New York (New York Giants!  Madagascar, witness?) against the Dallas Cowboys.

On hand tonight, we have my brother Chuck, his wife Cheryl, and our children.  Could make for some fun conversation.  Also... I've got my g-mail account open, and I'm waiting for comments from the peanut gallery (that means you...the 3 or 4 people who read this blog).

NY Giant Superbowl greats are bringing out the Lombardi trophies the team has won to the delight of the fans.

Let's break this game down a bit, shall we?

We've got the Tom Coughlin led Giants, against Jason Garrett's Cowboys.  Coughlin looks like your neighbor's Grandpa, he's still spry, and you don't dare go on his lawn.  Jason Garret reminds me of Ron Howard.  I know it's a cliche to compare him to another redhead, but I can't help it.  Opie Cunningham faces off with the old dude from down the street who may have killed someone in the

The QB battle tonight is another contrast in styles.  You have Tony Romo of the Cowboys, who seems to put up good numbers every year, but never really goes anywhere, and has a reputation for choking under pressure...and being a bit injury prone.  On the other side, we've got Eli Manning, who is most famous for being Peyton's kid brother.  Eli rarely wows you with amazing plays, but he's usually pretty smart and comes up big in the clutch, and he's won 2 Super Bowls, and he's NEVER hurt. 

To be honest, I wouldn't want either of them qb-ing my fantasy team, but that's me.

Queen Latifah did a pretty solid job singing the National Anthem.  Remember when she was a rapper? 
Giants start off with the ball, and try a deep play action pass on the first play.
Giants go 3 and out, and will have to punt.  My wife just called and I'm attempting to blog and talk at the same time... this is hard.
Dallas also goes 3 and out...and we start the season with a couple of punts.  Commercial break.
My nephew came in the room, and played Switchfoot's "Meant to Live" for a minute there.  That was a wild minute...stereo, football game, wife on the phone, blog on the laptop...
Eli just hit Victor Cruz on a beautiful pass down the left sideline.  Nice gain there. 
Seriously, how old is Al Michaels?  He did the Miracle on Ice game, back in 1980!  It's 2012, and he's still going strong.  Chris Collinsworth is my favorite color guy for NFL games. 
Eli's slowly moving the G-men down the field here.  The Giants fumble on a sweep play...rookie RB Wilson dropped it when he was hit and the Cowboys recover.  My brother Chuck likes Tom Coughlin.  I agree, Coughlin is a good coach. 
Let's see what Romo can do here.  Big time false start on #77 of the Cowboys...Smith.  I don't blame him though, that Giants D-Line is nasty. 
On 3rd and 4 Romo completes a pass to someone, but my other nephew was in front of the screen and I couldn't see who it was.  This is a real professional operation we've got going here.  I love it.
A brief interruption in the action here, as we lost power to the television and cable box.  Honestly, like 2 seconds after I typed what a professional operation is going on here.  Not sure what happened, but the Giants fans were cheering, and they went to commercial.
Giants have the ball now, and Eli immediately hits Hakeem Nicks on a quick play action play.  I really like Nicks, very good wideout.  After a couple runs by Ahmad Bradshaw, the Giants face a 3rd and 2 and Manning completes a short pass to Victor Cruz.  Manning did a nice job recovering a terrible snap there.  End of the first quarter... 0-0.
My 2nd son is pumped, because we just checked our fantasy football league and he's leading everyone in scoring with 11 points.  It's his first year. 
As I type that, Eli gets sacked by the Cowboys.  Nice pressure by DeMarcus Ware.  On 3rd and long, Eli is pressured, and has to throw it away...another punt.  Nearly a great special teams play there, but the ball crosses the goal line.
Just caught sight of Kevin Gilbride on the Giants sideline.  Not a fan.  That man ruined my Chargers for years.  He's done a nice job as the OC of the Giants, though. 
In the meantime, Dallas is moving the ball down the field.  A nice pass to Dez Bryant, and a scramble by Romo.
Giants intercept the ball and nearly return it for a TD. Causing son #2 to beg me repeatedly to check the fantasy scoreboard (He has the Giants defense).  A couple of runs by Bradshaw, one outside, and one inside, go nowhere and it's 3rd and goal.  Eli in shotgun:  throws over the middle, incomplete.  Victor Cruz wanted pass interference on that play, and it looked like he a legit beef.  Tynes kicks the FG to start the scoring.
Giants 3  Cowboys 0
Text from "Timmah":  On the bright side, I have only heard "replacement refs" once.
Very true.
The Cowboys get called for another false start... it's their 3rd or 4th one.  They then run a draw play and Jason Pierre Paul just swallowed it up.  That guy is a beast.  I remember when he was coming out in the draft...they kept saying what a freak athlete he was, and he's shown it in the NFL.  On 3rd and long the 'Boys come up short on a pass completion...nice tackling by the Giants secondary.
I just realized, that I've written a ton of stuff, and we're in a 3-0 game.  Eli takes the field again.  Nice to see that Al and Chris are wearing matching outfits tonight.  That's important.  For what, I'm not certain... I guess it shows they're a team.  Because if they aren't dressed alike... you know they could be... competing or... showing each other up, or ... I don't know...why do they need to dress alike?  Answer me that?
Here's how boring this game has become, my brother and I have been discussing movies that we've watched and fell asleep during.  My claim to fame is "Die Hard with Avengance" and Chuck's was "Mission Impossible".  The Giants have to punt again. 
Eli and Deion Sanders are in the commercial for direct tv's season ticket package.  Where do they come up with these pairings?  A current qb... who's won two Superbowl's, and an old cornerback who hasn't played in years...yeah, let's put them in a commercial together...
2 minute warning, and it's still 3-0. 
Dallas is threatening to score, and of course we have another timeout.  And I get to hear that IE9 Song...Again.  Who loves their Internet browser?  And who loves Internet Explorer? 
Touchdown Cowboys on a pass from Romo to WR Kevin Ogletree.  PAT is good, and it's 7-3 Cowboys.  1:01 to go in the first half.
 See if Eli can do anything in the last minute.  Cruz drops an easy pass on the first play.  On 2nd down, De Marcus Ware brings down Eli...He is really good.  leading to a 3rd and 16.  The Giants run a draw as the clock runs out on the first half. 

Halftime:  Cowboys 7 Giants 3

Commercial for the Voice:  which leads to the question... Real?  or not so Real?  Anyone who has seen the Voice knows of what I speak. 

Snack Break!

Dallas starts with the ball in the 2nd half, with a nice little swing pass to Demarco Murray for 9 yards.  And Romo hits Ogletree on a deep ball for a Touchdown!  Nice pass...nice play.  This Ogletree looks like a player, don't remember him from before this season.

Cowboys 14 Giants 3

Very surprised to see Dallas come out and score on the opening drive of the 2nd half.  Nice job of play calling by Opie Cunningham.  The Giants defense looked off balance that entire drive.

Comment from Kelly: 
Baby Khloe is sleeping through this game...and how you may ask?  Has her Daddy not done a good job in bringing her up as a Giants fan? is because her Daddy is 20 miles away watching the game at Cubby's and she can't hear him yelling at the G-men.

Eli Manning hits a beautiful deep pass to Hixon for 39 yards.  Bradshaw takes the ball around the left side for a touchdown.  PAT is good.

Cowboys 14 Giants 10

This game is actually turning out to be pretty exciting now.  Chuck says the first half was a "malaise".  I agree.  Good word.

Demarco Murray makes a beautiful move in the backfield, make a couple tacklers miss, and turns up a 48 yard gain.  A nice scramble by Romo makes it first and goal for the Cowboys.  On 2nd down Romo gets sacked... Pierre-Paul had the initial pressure, as I said before...that guy is a Beast.  On 3rd down Romo tries the Ogletree plan again...and it's broken up, Dallas settles for a FG.

Cowboys 17 Giants 10 (all of a sudden the offenses are in control)

Roughing the passer is called on the Cowboys.  It wasn't egregious, but he did go to the head with his hands.  Refs had to call it.  I've got to say, these replacement officials are doing a pretty good job.  A few mistakes here and there, but nothing too bad.

Anthony Spencer gets a sack on 3rd down, and the Giants make the first punt of the 2nd half.  Dallas will take over on their 17 yard line.

Chuck and Son #1 are having a riveting discussion on video games...  Miles Austin made a gorgeous catch on a dangerous throw by Romo for a first down.  And I just tried to sign Ogletree to my fantasy football team, and another player had grabbed him...exactly one minute before I made my request.

Dallas is moving into scoring range.  Murray makes a nice run down to the 13 yard line.  Tackled by Dez Bryant, his own teammate (basically).  Dallas gets called for an illegal hands to the face penalty, ouch.  That will push them back 10 yards.  Now at the 23 yard line.  Romo is pressured out of the pocket, and Dallas gets called for holding.  Now another 10 yards back.

On first and 30.... Romo completes a 34 yard TD pass to Miles Austin.  What the heck were the Giants doing?  Dallas extends the lead.

Cowboys 24 Giants 10  5:51 to go in the game.

Ahmad Bradshaw takes a simple draw play for a big gain into Dallas territory, I got a feeling Eli isn't done yet.  Doesn't mean they'll come back and win, but he's got some moxie. 

4th and 2, a Cowboy stop will pretty much assure a victory.  Dallas calls a timeout.  What do you run here if you are Kevin Gilbride?  If it was the old Giants with Brandon Jacobs... you'd just power it up there.  I'm thinking they will probably throw it...but Eli isn't mobile.  Like if you have Romo or someone who can scramble  you could call a pass on some sort of a roll out...

Giants come out in shotgun, and Eli completes a pass to Victor Cruz, but Dallas had jumped offside, anyway.  First down.  Eli JUST misses Hixon on a pass down the seam...that was a TD.  Just led him a bit too much.

3rd and 6 from the Dallas 18 yard line.  Eli hits Cruz at the 13.  4th and 1, and Bradshaw gains the first down in the no huddle.  1st and goal.  Touchdown pass to Marcellus Bennett.  Flag on the play.  Pass Interference on the Defense.  I told you Eli wasn't done!

Cowboys 24  Giants 17  2:36  to go

The Giants kick away, and Dallas returns to the 26 yard line.  So, if you're Jason Garrett, do you run it?  Do you pass it?  I think you run on first down.  And they do, for a short gain.  2:26 to go.  2nd and long.  Timeout Giants. 

Demarco Murray makes a nice gain, and the Giants call another timeout, their last.  It's 3rd and short with 2:17 to go.  Murray makes a run outside to the left for a first down, but there is a penalty flag on the play, and the Giants are claiming holding.  It is holding, on Jason Witten.  It's now 3rd and 12.

Romo in Shotgun... and hits Ogletree for a first down.  2:00 warning.  Dallas has a first down, and the Giants are out of time outs.  The Cowboys go into "Victory" formation, and will kneel down a couple times, and that will be it.

Pretty exciting second half, and a nice game to start the season with.

I'm getting excited for Monday night, and the Chargers/Raiders showdown.

Hey Carson Palmer... you know who's coming for you?  Antwan Barnes.

NFL Kickoff Blog starts at 7:30 pm Central

I'll be doing a live blog of tonight's Giants/Cowboys game tonight.

Here is the plan... I'll have my gmail account account open:

And if you have a comment, snide remark, or snarky opinion....send it to me...preferrably in the chat option or whatever.... and then I'll include it in the live blog.

I will publish and post the blog at the conclusion of the game.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot... Carson Palmer?  Shaun Phillips is coming for you, on Monday night.

Hey Carson, you looking forward to this?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Live Blog tomorrow night

Tomorrow night, I plan on writing a live blog for the Giants/Cowboys game, as we kick off the NFL season.

Really looking forward to this season, hopefully my Chargers are better than last season, but the pre-season results don't look promising.  Although what does preseason mean?

The Packers and the Patriots are the favorites, but I'm hearing alot of buzz for the Ravens and the Broncos for whatever reason.  I know Peyton Manning is good and all, but that was the worst playoff team I've ever seen last year. 

Other NFL things to look forward to: 

the Rookie QB's.  Andrew Luck, Robert Griffen III, Brandon Weedon, Russel Wilson, and Ryan Tannehill.

the Bears "new look" offense - Jay Cutler now has a big time receiver in Brandon Marshall.  Be interesting to see if the Bears open up the playbook.

the 49ers - was last year a one year wonder, or does Coach Harbaugh still have the magic touch.

the Seahawks - predicted to do nothing, but were kicking every one's tail in the pre-season.  But what does the preseason actually mean?  Usually nothing.

Look forward to seeing Melvin Ingram hunt down Carson Palmer next Monday night.

He's coming for you Carson, and he's not happy...