Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Live Blog tomorrow night

Tomorrow night, I plan on writing a live blog for the Giants/Cowboys game, as we kick off the NFL season.

Really looking forward to this season, hopefully my Chargers are better than last season, but the pre-season results don't look promising.  Although what does preseason mean?

The Packers and the Patriots are the favorites, but I'm hearing alot of buzz for the Ravens and the Broncos for whatever reason.  I know Peyton Manning is good and all, but that was the worst playoff team I've ever seen last year. 

Other NFL things to look forward to: 

the Rookie QB's.  Andrew Luck, Robert Griffen III, Brandon Weedon, Russel Wilson, and Ryan Tannehill.

the Bears "new look" offense - Jay Cutler now has a big time receiver in Brandon Marshall.  Be interesting to see if the Bears open up the playbook.

the 49ers - was last year a one year wonder, or does Coach Harbaugh still have the magic touch.

the Seahawks - predicted to do nothing, but were kicking every one's tail in the pre-season.  But what does the preseason actually mean?  Usually nothing.

Look forward to seeing Melvin Ingram hunt down Carson Palmer next Monday night.

He's coming for you Carson, and he's not happy...

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