Friday, January 6, 2012

Best Things of 2011 and Wildcard predictions

One of my multitudinous followers, requested something from the Doofus, and he threw out there playoff predictions.

This weekend is the NFL Wild card round.   I'll list the games, and bold the teams that I think will win.
Detroit at New Orleans  - don't see anyone beating the Saints in the Super Dome.
Cincinnati at Houston - Houston is better everywhere but QB, the most important position on the field.  I'm still picking them.
Falcons at Giants - I can't pick Matt Ryan on the road in the playoffs.  Of course that means I'm picking Eli Manning, at home, as a favorite.
Steelers at Broncos - A decisive road win for the Steelers.  Did you know the Steelers are playing without their leading rusher, a starting safety, and their quarterback is banged up?  And you'd still be crazy to pick the Broncos to win this game.  Viva La Tebow!

Here are some thoughts on some of my favorites things from 2011.  And yes, I know it's Jan. 6th. 

Top Album:  Foster the People "Torches"
If you can't tap your toes to "Torches", you should have your head examined.  Yes, I am being serious.

Best new TV Comedy "New Girl"
I've blogged about this before, so I'm not going to do so again.  However Zooey Deschanel is brilliant, and if you haven't seen the show, you should.

Best new TV Show "Louie"
Technically, this show isn't new, but I didn't start watching it until this year.  Part Comedy/Part Drama/Completely Original = 100% Brilliant.

Best live performance on Letterman "The Twilight Singers"
Stayed up late one night this summer, and was watching a little Letterman, and The Twilight Singers came on.  I was spellbound.  As soon as the song ended I was googling them.  Can't say that I am their biggest fan, or that I even like much of their other stuff (It's OK).  But I was blown away this particular night.

Those old dudes can rock!

Best Team of 2011:  Green Bay Packers
Aside from the fact that they won the Superbowl, and every other game in 2011, except one.  No actually....that's why they only lost one game in a calendar year, and won the Super Bowl.

Best Play by Play announcer:  Gus Johnson
Gus is the best.  In fact I'd take Gus and a box of crackers as the color analyst over just about any other announcing team.

Gus:  Did you SEE what just HAPPENED?

Crackers:  rattle, rattle, rattle (or whatever sound crumbled crackers make when shook in a box)


Best Book I read:  Unbroken
I've talked about Unbroken before as well.  It's awesome.  You should read it.  You like sports stories?  read it.  You like War stories?  read it.  You like overcoming the odds stories?  read it.  You like redemption stories?  read it.

Best Movie I saw:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II
-must have been an "off year" in Hollywood.  I'll be honest, I had to look at a couple of critics top ten lists to even see something that I watched, or wanted to watch.

Best Christmas gift I got: Friday Night Lights Season One on DVD
My wonderful daughter bought me this gift.  Still haven't watched any of the episodes yet, no one will watch them with me!  Why don't people want to watch a show that's good, but they will spend hours watching repeats of shows they've seen before?  Unreal.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose

Best new companies/products:  Altra and Stem
Kudos to these two companies for coming up with shoes that embrace the "barefoot" philosophy, but don't make us wear shoes that look like mutated feet (Vibrams Five Fingers).  At this point Altra is really working towards gearing their footwear towards the runner and outdoor enthusiast.  Stem just makes minimalist shoes that look great and feel amazing.  I hope both these companies make it.

Best "Guilty Pleasure": Beavis and Butthead
I would have probably put Tosh.0 on here, but he's too popular now, although that show is still funny it's not something you are embarrassed to admit to watching.  South Park has long moved off of any "guilty pleasure" list, because those guys are smart and their show is brilliant.  And possibly, I could put "Louie" on this list, but what's guilty about watching a show that is television brilliance?  Beavis and Butthead, you know what you're getting.  Juvenile? yep.  Predictable? for sure.  Hilarious?  always.
"Uh-huh-huh-huh, that was cool"

Best from out of nowhere to Scum of the Earth:  Kris Humphries
Who is Kris Humphries, and why does  anyone care about him beside his family or New Jersey Nets fans?  Honestly, 99% of the people who are righteously indignant about him now, didn't know who he was one year ago.  Give Kris a break.

Best re-made movie, that didn't need to be re-made. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
I haven't seen the "Americanized" version yet, but I hear it's good.  And I will see it.  But here's the thing... I've seen the Swedish films, and they totally hold up.  Subtitles and everything.  Great series of films.  Glad that Hollywood actually made a decent film instead of butchering it like "La Femme Nikita", but there was really no need.  And may I also recommend the books, they are fantastic.

Best "well that was inevitable":  Lindsey Lohan

Best TV show rip off:  Ridiculousness
I've got an idea for a show, lets find a funny guy who isn't afraid to say rude things, and stand him in front of a green screen and let him make fun of people who post videos on the internet.  Hmmmm, where have I heard that idea before?

Best Robot sidekick on a talk show:  Geoff Peterson

To be honest, I could have went with Andy Richter here.  But Geoff and Craig Ferguson have a real chemistry between them.  Or circuitry.

Best Video Game:  Skyrim
I've never played this game.  But the way people talked about it when it came out, it has to be something special.  They even did an article on it on Grantland.  My teenage daughter pre-ordered a copy of it for this fall in July, I think.  And she isn't a gamer.

Best Republican Candidate:  Jon Huntsman
Let's see here, give the old "candidate checklist" a glance over
Good Speaker?  check
Intelligent?  check
Handsome?  check  (that's what I'm told)
Self Deprecating Humor on SNL?  check
What is missing here?  This guy is a sure thing!  He should run away from these other dorks.  Oh wait, I forgot...
Money?  NOPE

Best Reason to get rid of the BCS:  Alabama vs LSU
reasons we shouldn't need this game:
1.  They've played already this year.
2.  They're in the same conference.
3.  They're in the same division of the same conference.
4.  We really don't need another one.  These may be the two best teams, but this is dumb.

Best "Metric System" Idea :  Google+
(An idea that is actually better, but the large majority of people won't switch because we're stubborn... sometimes for no good reason.)
Google+ was released to the public this fall.  It's far superior to facebook in just about every way possible.  And there are no advertisements.  And, of course, no one is using it.  Well, comparatively speaking anyway.

Best "Good Idea, now make it cheaper"  Chromebooks
Google also released their "chromebook" this year.  Basically, all it is... is a web browser.  It's light, it has a solid state drive rather than a hard drive, it's more secure than a normal computer, it updates automatically, it turns on in a flash, etc, etc, etc...  Really cool idea and concept.

Problem:  You can buy several netbook computers already, for less money, that can operate when not online.  (Plus, they can access all the features that you'd use a chromebook for over the internet).
Basically, it's a giant web browser that costs more than a computer with more functionality.  (Yes, slower, but still more functions)

Best Tosh.0  Web Redemption:  Boom goes the Dynamite
My favorite catch phrase of the year.

Best TV Show I haven't watched yet:  Breaking Bad
I know "Breaking Bad" is phenomenal, but I just haven't had time to start it yet, and I know if I do, much like "Mad Men" I'm going to want to blow through all the seasons at once.  I'm simply waiting for you, Breaking Bad.  I'm waiting.


  1. C'mon, Mark... Stop playing it safe. Give us something to sink our teeth in to. Broncos over Steelers! Lions over Packers!

  2. Heh. I'd like to, but I don't see it happening.

  3. And then it was over... Good luck to anyone who wants to beat the Saints this year. I don't care who you are, you got your work cut out for you.

  4. At Home, I agree. No one is beating them in New Orleans. However, I could see them being upset in San Francisco, if the weather is bad.

    And certainly, they could lose in Green Bay, as well, if that comes to fruition.

    However, they are a very good, explosive team. Tough to beat, I agree, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them back in the Super Bowl.