Monday, November 18, 2013

The Last Time....

So, in case you missed it this weekend, the SDSU Jackrabbits defeated the USD Coyotes 27-12 this past Saturday.

Justice indeed does still rule the galaxy.

I got to thinking today, that since the series was suspended for about 9 years, because the Jackrabbits wished to move to Division I, and the Coyotes decided to stay Division II and become the "Princeton of the Prarie".  (PS.  How hilarious is that phrase now?) I was saying, since the series had been suspended for a while, and since SDSU had been winning most of the matchups before they quit playing(USD won just 2 of the last 10 before the move up in class) has probably been quite a while since the coyotes had beaten the Jackrabbits at football.

So, I thought I'd look it up.

The Date was:  November 4th, 2000

Just for fun...the last time the Coyotes beat the Jackrabbits in football:

The #1 Television Show for that TV Season was:  Survivor:  The Australian Outback
The #1 Song was "Come On Over (All I Want is You) by Christina Aguilera
The #1 Movie was Mission: Impossible II

Things that did not exist in 2000.

The iPod (2001)
The X Box (2002)
The Blackberry (2002)
Facebook (2004)
Playstation 3 (2006)
Twitter  (2006)
Wii (2006)
iPhone (2007)
Amazon Kindle (2007)
Android Phone (2008)

So yeah, I guess my point's been awhile.

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