Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baseball was good last night, I guess

I woke up this morning to the news that last night was "The Best Day in Regular Season in Baseball History".

I didn't know, I went to bed early.  Which is really my point.  Baseball games take too long.  And yes, I know on average football games are about as long, but here's the rub... you can kinda guess when the football game is going to end.  Baseball...???  no idea.  Last Night's Red Sox game was "rain delayed" an hour an a half.  Unless it's lightning, football is playing right through that crap.

Anyway, congrats to the Rays for knocking the Red Sox out of the playoffs.  It saves me a ton of sportscenter time devoted to the "Sox" and their fans.  I've really kinda had it with the Sox and their fans.  They all still hate the Yankees, and yet they are really the exact same thing.  You have become what you most hated. 

And the Braves lost, so the Cardinals get in.  That figures.  In a season in which the Cubs are one of the worst teams in the league, the Cardinals should make the playoffs.  Also, I always feel bad for the Braves....they're like the Buffalo Bills of baseball, they were so good for so long, but don't have much to show for it.  At least the Braves did win one World Series.

The post-season will be starting soon, and I'll try to muster some interest.  I may even turn on some of the early round games.  And, just like the regular season , I'll stop caring.

I just can't get excited about a game, when half of the time is spent with 10 guys on the field (mostly) not moving. 

Other thoughts on baseball...

1.  Either get rid of the DH, or implement it in both leagues.  I'm a Cubs fan, so National League guy, so I don't like it.  But the fact that you still have two "Leagues" playing with different sets of rules is absolutely asinine.  It's like have a 3 point shot in one BB league, but not in another.

2.  Can we speed up the games somehow? 
  • Basketball has a shot clock,Football has a play clock, how about a pitch clock?  After the batter is stepped in the box, you have so long to throw the thing.  And enough with the batters calling "time" right before a pitch, that's bs too, you got in the box - you're ready to hit.
  • Time Outs - In football and basketball, you have a set limit of timeouts.  Baseball can have a "conference" at the mound pretty much any time they want?  Really?  There should be a rule on this, you can visit the mound 3 times a game.  Total.  And the manager has to come out there.  None of this crap where the catcher and the first baseman go "settle down the pitcher".  Seriously, this is like a Center and a Tight End surrounding a quarterback for a little "self esteem boost" at midfield.
  • How long does a pitcher need to warm up?  Some guys, it seems like it takes all day.  There should be a rule on this.
3.  You need to do something with your financial system.  The fact that the Sox or the Yanks are going to end up in the playoffs every year, and this is just accepted by every one is astounding to me.  In the NFL if you knew that the Giants were making the playoffs every year, wouldn't that feel wrong, dirty, something? 

Personally, that's all it would take for me.  Notice I didn't even bring up the instant replay thing.  I don't care about that.  Get both leagues to play the same game, change some rules so the games don't take forever, and fix it so every team in your league has a chance?  That's all I'm asking for.

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