Monday, October 3, 2011

NCAA FB say what?

OK, I'm just going to come out and say it, NCAA FB makes no sense whatsoever.

The Big 10 has 12 Teams.

The Big 12 has 10 teams.

The ACC has 12 teams, but soon to be 14 as Pitt and Syracuse are leaving the Big East.

The SEC has 12 teams, but soon to be 13 because Texas A & M are leaving the Big 12.
So the Big 12 is down to 9 teams?

The Big East has 8 football schools, but two are leaving, so 6.  But TCU is joining, so 7.
(Because when you think big East, you think Forth Worth, Texas.)

The Pac 12 is looking to expand.

The SEC is looking to expand.

The ACC is looking to expand.

The Big 12(9) are looking to expand.

The Big East is looking to expand.

The Big 10(12) is not looking to expand (at this moment).

Notre Dame is an Independent.

I've heard talk, that it would end up something like 4 conferences of 16 teams, and that they would leave the NCAA and then have their "national playoff".

But that doesn't make any sense.  Don't the presidents of the Universities have to vote to change conferences?  And isn't it the presidents of the Universities who want to keep the Bowl system because of the money they make?  So why would they leave a system that makes them money?

How could you have a "FB Tournament" without Notre Dame?  I'm no Irish lover, but I do have an appreciation for that University's tradition in football.  And I think college football is better when Notre Dame is good. 

Also, what would the four conferences be?
ACC, Pac 12(??), SEC, Big 10(12), and Big 12(9) all make sense, but that's Five conferences. 

Some say the Big 12(9) should just die out, and then the other conferences (Pac12, SEC, etc) can raid the remaining schools to fill out their rosters.  And while I admit that having Kansas and K State in the Pac 16 sounds kind of dumb, so does Colorado.

Plus Texas and Oklahoma want to make the Big 12 work.  And let's be honest, those are the real jewels of the Big 12. 

According to an espn article today, the Big 12(9) have agreed to share tv revenues.  So, they then want to expand.  Who do they want to join?  Well let's have a look at the contenders:
BYU (Independent)
Louisville(Big East)
West Virginia(Big East)
Cincinatti (Big East)
South Florida (Big East)
Boise State (Mountain West)
Air Force (Mountain West)
TCU (Mountain West but soon to be Big East)

I did not mention Connecticut because they are already being linked to the ACC.  And to be honest if you look at the basketball part of it, UConn belongs in the ACC if Syracuse and Pitt are going.

So, what's going to happen to the schools in the Mountain West?  The WAC?  The MAC?  Conference USA?  The Southland?

I mean if these so called "Super Conferences" form, what will "the rest" do?  Will they be forced to move down a class and join the FCS?  Will they form another, seperate league or division between the "Haves" and the current FCS schools?

It's all a giant confusing mess.

No wonder you can't figure out a playoff, you can't even figure out who is going to be playing who.


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