Monday, October 31, 2011

Tebow te-blows.

Dear Denver Broncos Fans,

You got what you wanted.

I hope you are enjoying the results.  The Lions are using words like embarrassing to describe the performance of your "annointed one".

Here's the thing... It bugs me with Tebow fans, it bugs me with fans in general. 

You are a FAN.  Period. 

The guys coaching in this league, they've dedicated their lives to it.  They spend, literally, over 60 hours a week preparing for a game.  They spend weeks of time in training camp going over the playbook, the concepts they are trying to teach, they see every drill of every practice.  And still fans think they know more?

It's insane.  Tebow, I'm sure is a great young man.  Everything I've read about the guy says he's a wonderful human being, a hard worker, and he has a great attitude.  I even respect him for how he's handled himself.  Seems like a good guy.  Seems like the kind of guy you want to succeed, I get that too.

However, here's the thing.  He was drafted by Josh McDaniels, (who critically wounded the Denver Franchise with his horrible drafting) who has this year left and turned Sam Bradford into a terrible player.  The Broncos hired John Fox ( no stranger to qb controversies, or poor qb-ing), who after a few weeks of fall clamp actually had Tebow as the third string quarterback.

So the Broncs go out and stink it up for a few weeks with Kyle Orton (who I admit, leaves alot to be desired) and the Bronco fanbase starts frothing at the mouth for Tebow.  He leads a slight comeback against the chargers to fall short in a relief role.  Then he is named the starter.

In his first start of the season, the Broncos miraculously defeat the Dolphins in OT.  I had a Middle school student pass me in the hallway 3 times last week talking about "Tebow Magic".  The funny thing is, the Dolphins have won exactly 0 games this year, and their best chance to win one was actually provided by none other than Tebow.

So, you are facing the Lions.  Losers of 2 in a row, barely won the two before that, and playing on the road, in your "high altitude", without their best running back (Jahvid Best).  Not to mention playing against Tebow.  They humiliated you. 

I'm not a football coach.  Never have been.  I've never even coached Junior High level football, and if I can see from the couch, that this guy is terrible, he's not very good.

People who claim he needs more time, really need to understand something.  Cam Newton is playing at a much higher level, ran the same offense as Tebow in college (and to be honest, he ran 3 seperate offenses his 3 years of "college"), Timmy spent his entire career in one.  Andy Dalton ran a similar style of offense at TCU and he is also outperforming Tebow.  Another thought, neither Dalton or Cam had an offseason of workouts with their teams, like Tebow did before his rookie season.

I'm not against Tebow either.  I know there are "Tebow-haters" just like there are "Tebow-lovers", I don't count myself among either of those groups.  I just don't think he's very good.  I think the fans are much more embarrassing.  What's the old line from Bill Polian, "If you let the fans make your decisions, soon enough you'll be sitting with them."  Makes sense to me.

The point is this, and it's pretty simple.  Stop acting like "know it alls" and embarassing yourselves.  It's ok to have passion.  It's ok to support your team.  It's ok to want them to win.  It's gotten to the point of ridiculousness, though.  People who haven't even played the sport criticize the coaches.  People who have never coached a sport in their life are making "proclamations" about what their teams should do.

Here's what you should do.  Cheer for your team.  Cheer as hard as you want, wear facepaint if you want to.  Hope, Pray, do anything you want to "help the team win".   Enjoy it when the team wins.  Maybe even tease your friends who cheer for the opponent.  Be disappointed when they lose.  But don't act like you know better.  You don't.  You just don't.

Are you hearing me Charger fans?

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