Friday, October 7, 2011

Musings on pop culture Friday and FB Weekend

Watched the last four episodes of season 2 of Louie last night.  What an amazing show.  The season actually ended like a month ago, but I had them saved up on the dvr for a night when I could control the television.  What a great program in television for adult men.  Gentlemen, if you're married or were married and have kids, you should really give Louie a shot.  Funny, intelligent, and yet it's serious at the same time.  The Afghanistan episode alone should be "Must See".

I was going to find a clip to post on here, but there are too many too pick from.  Just click on the website above.  There are some full episodes available at the site too.  Great show.

New Band To Me:  the Joy Formidable

After I got done watching Louie, I was flipping around and saw these guys on Letterman.  They really put on an excellent performance.  So, I got out the laptop and looked them up.  Really enjoyed what I heard from them.

Here is there video for "Whirring" which is the song they performed on Letterman.

College Football thoughts for this week:
The Red River Rivalry game is this weekend.  Texas vs Oklahoma.  I know Texas is much improved this year, but I'm taking Oklahoma big time in this one. 

Nebraska gets to play Ohio State this weekend, to try and get over the beatdown that Wisconsin threw on them last week.  Earlier in the season I thought this was a sure Nebraska win, but yikes, they need to fix that defense.

My South Dakota State Jackrabbits will try to end a four game losing streak at Youngstown State this weekend.  While I'm hopeful that this will happen, I'm not very optimistic.  It's been a rough season in Jackrabbit land, and Youngstown is much improved this year.

Also it sounds like TCU is now going to join the Big 12.  I think this is a good move for both TCU and the Big 12 Conference.  However, this probably isn't the best new for the Big East, who are reportedly prepared to go on without TCU.  This would bring them back up to 10 schools, but then word got out that Missouri would really like to join the SEC...  stay tuned to that soap opera... as the Big 12 turns...

This weekend my San Diego Chargers will travel to Denver to play the Bucking Tebows.  I'm actually hoping he gets to play this weekend.  Mostly because that means the game is a blowout.  But also because he really isn't that good, and all the people that are clamoring for him to play need to get to watch it.  The Chargers defense has been surprisingly good so far this year, except in the New England game.

Speaking of New England, they get to play Mark Sanchez and the Jets this weekend.  Be interesting to see how the Jets respond after the pounding Baltimore put on them last weekend.  If the Jets lose this one, they are 2-3 and on a 3 game losing streak and falling far behind in the playoff race.

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