Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bloggity, Bloggity, Blog

What do you do when you have a blog, and opinions on everything, but really have nothing to say?

Like the NBA Lockout...  I'm really unconcerned.  Maybe that should be the message to Mr. Stern and his owners.  WE DON'T CARE.  And this is coming from a recent convert from "NCAA Basketball is the best" to "the NBA is better".  The NBA has too many games anyway.

The BCS mess.  I used to have a solution for this.  Before all the conferences went crazy.  Now, I don't have any idea what to think until all this conference swapping stuff settles down.  I do think the fact that they don't have a playoff is asinine.  Dear NCAA Conferences... figure it out.  Get yourselves together in a room, and come up with a plan.  Then, come up with a playoff system.

The World Series.  I hope the Rangers win. For the following reasons:
1.  I'm a Cubs fan, and the Cardinals are the Cub's main rival.
-although it's not much of a Rivalry, the Cardinals OWN the Cubs.
-I'm not that dedicated a Cubs fan, or baseball fan for that matter.  I lost interest about mid-June the past two seasons.
2.  For Ron Washington and Josh Hamilton.  Not because I am or was an addict.  But because that's simply an uplifting story.  I tip my cap to anyone who has overcome addiction and take their place on the highest level of their profession.
Otherwise, I really don't care.  In fact, the Cards could win the whole thing, and I'd probably be over it by the time I shrugged and said... "Hmm".

Maybe I should get upset and rage against something, like the lunatics on fan message boards, but I really don't have the emotion.  There are some very messed up people out there whose priorities are completely out of whack.  Personally, I think if you're that upset because a coach/player/gm/referee did something you didn't like....  You should really get a grip.

The Republican Presidential Nomination?  I'm not impressed with any of them.  I did like Jon Huntsman, but he's about in dead last place.  I do think Rick Perry comes across as not very smart.  Notice I didn't say he wasn't smart...just he appears that way.  He's probably smarter than me, OK?

Occupy Wall Street?  I guess it's kinda cool.  I like the idea of "taking it to the streets".  But why are they doing it?  Because big, mean, businesses do big, mean, things?  Ok.  I get it.

I like Google+ better than "the facebook".  But no one is switching.

I'm sort of excited to see Beavis and Butthead return.  But then again, I won't be too upset if I miss an episode or two. 

Did you see this year's ESPY's Arthur Ashe Award Winner - Dewey Bozella?  You should watch it.

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