Wednesday, November 2, 2011

General Silliness

Fostering some good tunes
I downloaded the entire Foster the People album, and listened to it basically nonstop over the weekend.
It's definately my favorite album of the year.  It makes me, a non-dancer, want to get up and groove.

Last week, David Letterman was kind enough to let the perform in the Ed Sullivan Theater. 
Check it Out, if you have a spare 45 minutes.  Pretty darn good show.

The Big East - expanding?
Sounds like the Big East has extended invitations to six schools for football (3 FB only, and 3 fulltime).
If I were you Boise State, I'd wait for the Big 12.  They still don't have 12 teams, and it's a better FB conference.

Cubs fire Quade
Newly appointed Team President Theo Epstein announced today that the team is letting go Mike Quade as the team's Manager.  Good idea.  I'm not anti-Quade or anything, he seems like a great guy.  But with the new management team in place, we need a fresh start for the organization.  Next, bring in a bunch of new players.

New Girl Fever
Have you watched Fox's "New Girl" yet?  If not, what on Earth are you waiting for?
It is my favorite new TV show this year.  And, she's kinda hot.  And for you single guys, she's single now.  Not that it would ever happen, but it's nice to dream.

Fire Norv Sentiment GrowsAfter the Chargers improbable Monday night loss to the Chiefs, the movement for the dismissal of the Chargers Head Coach has grown by leaps and bounds.  We've been down this road a few times before, I'm willing to wait out the season, and see what happens.

Cuban Interested in the Dodgers?
Stop me if you've heard this before.  Mark Cuban is interested in buying a MLB team.  This time, the Dodgers.  I think this would be awesome.  Cuban should be in baseball.  I wish he'd have gotten a chance to own the Cubs.

That's about really all I have.  Congrats to Austin Sumner of South Dakota State University for being named the FCS National Freshman of the week.  Young man has a bright future in the blue and yellow.

Later Taters!

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