Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ripped from the Headlines

This is exactly what it sounds like, I'm going to right NOW (as I'm writing this)... copying and pasting the top 5 headlines, and giving my thoughts.  Because I need to write something.

  • Saints' Payton banned 1 year for bounties
  • Good.  He should be.  And Gregg Williams, who ran the program should be banned for 3 years as well.  I don't care if he isn't with the Saints anymore.  He ran the same program in other places too.  Wish they would have taken a few more draft picks.  You can't allow bonuses for injuring players.  You just can't.

  • Jets obtain Tebow for two picks
  • A fourth rounder and a 6th rounder for a guy who can't pass?  -Sounds reasonable to me.
    Love, love, love that Tony Sporano wants to run the Wildcat with Tebow.  Love, love, love that they just gave Mark Sanchez a huge extension.  Love, love, love the QB controversy that is going to happen when Sanchez has one of his 3 int's no TD's games.  Love, love, love Rex Ryan and his bluster doing this to his team, and his own quarterback. 

  • Report: VCU's Smart turns down Illinois offer
  • Good for Shaka.  Illinois isn't a premiere Big Ten program.  The only way you go there is if you are guaranteed BIG money, up front.  He wasn't.  In fact, Bruce Weber wasn't paid that much more than Shaka is at VCU.  Why go somewhere with a tougher league, higher expectations, and almost the same money?  Makes no sense.

    -Also, how cool of a name is Shaka?  I mean, it's just awesome.  If you were a promising high school prospect, wouldn't you get excited if "Shaka Smart" came to your house to recruit you?  I would.

  • Strasburg to make Nats' Opening Day start
  • He's opening against the Cubs.  I look forward to watching him completely destroy the Cubs lineup.  And I'm a Cubs fan.  At this point, I'm just a realist, we're in the first stage of the Theo Plan, and we're not gonna contend anytime soon.

  • Cards' Carpenter to miss opener due to neck
  • Good.  No one should risk injury, or subject themselves to more pain and/or problems this early in the season.  Particularly if you are the number one starter on the World Series Champs.  Rest up dude, and take it easy.

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