Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I can't do this all on my own...Scrubs thoughts

So the other day, I was driving along and listening to the oldies station on the radio, and Boston's More Than a Feeling came on.  For most of my adult life, the first thing I would have thought of was Matt Thurston blasting this song on his radio repeatedly in the dorms (first floor Waneta Hall fall of 1989).  However, what immediately did spring to mind, was the "Air Band" from Scrubs, formed by Ted and the Janitor.

I miss scrubs.  Sure, there were better comedies out there, Seinfeld for sure, M*A*S*H definitely.  But for whatever reason, I don't miss them as much.  Scrubs left an indelible impression on me.  I find myself thinking of it often (like in the car), using lines from it often (to which most people just look at me like I'm a nutcase), and often I just break out in laughter because I remembered something from scrubs that reminds of something going on at the time (at which people look at me like I'm a nutcase).

Comedy Central used to show "repeats" of scrubs twice a day every day, for it seems like 5 years.  We watched it all the time at my house.  I distinctly remember my 3 year old son (at the time) when I was singing the scrubs theme song "I can't do this all on my own..."  finishing my song as he walked by "I'm no Superman".  He was 3.  He didn't even look at me.  It was burned into his brain.  (And yes, I realize that my 3 year old recognizing and singing a television theme song does not qualify me as a "Father of the Year" candidate.

I miss these guys.
It was hilarious and ridiculous, yet real and relatable.  At one moment an irreverent, zany, comedy about doctors.  In the next moment, moving you to tears over something that real people deal with all the time. 

Jim Valvano made his epic speech at the ESPY awards in which he said "You laugh, you cry, you think... that's a full day.  That's a great day."  That was scrubs, it made laugh, it made you cry, it made you think.

I'd like to post or link to some great "scrubs moments" here, but there are honestly too many... however, there are some great "compilations" on youtube, including:
Lastly, I'd also like to mention that scrubs also had one of the greatest final episodes of all time, ending with a video of JD imagining his future set to Peter Gabriel's "Book of Love".

You can still follow Zach Braff and Donald Faison on Twitter.  They banter back and forth just like Turk and JD did.  But I still miss the show.  I still watch it when I can, and I always laugh.  I miss you guys!

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