Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic Thoughts

So, with the games nearing a week old, I thought I'd dust off the blog, and put down a few thoughts.

The opening ceremony?  It was pretty cool.  I didn't watch the entire thing, because it was quite long, but the James Bond/Queen scenario was enjoyable, and any time you can end a show with Paul McCartney, it's pretty epic.  I did NOT like the US Opening Ceremony Uniforms, c'mon Ralph Lauren... a beret?  Ridiculous.

My favorite part of the opening ceremony?  In a landslide..... Mr. Bean!!!
Mr. Bean "ran away" with a most impressive Opening Ceremony performance.
-The Americans are kinda kicking some butt in the pool this year.  It seems like each race there is a challenger to an American, but they are all from different countries.  The American swimming program is really quite extraordinary.

-Can people cut Michael Phelps a break?  I don't know if I'd consider him the greatest Olympian ever, but he HAS to be in the discussion, he just has to.  And for anyone to criticize him for "not taking it seriously" and "being cocky/arrogant", well that is just asinine.  The man has pretty much dedicated his life to swimming, and he's basically lived in the pool, and now at the close of a tremendous career you criticize him?  I don't get it.  Enjoy it.

Beach Volleyball
-Both the men's and women's teams are doing well so far.  It will be interesting to see if Misty May Treanor and Keri Walsh can win the gold for a 3rd straight Olympics.  Pretty phenomenal run they are on.

-Worst thing about the London Olympics?  The weather and it's affect on the beach volleyball uniforms.  They are playing in long sleeves!

-Congratulations to the women's gymnastics team for winning the team gold medals.  Very impressive performance by the young ladies.

-The men's team on the other hand was a disappointment.  It was tough to watch.  I really felt bad for those guys, you could see it in their faces, it wasn't going their way.

-What a terrible rule it is that only two members of each team can make the individual all-around finals.  Just criminal.  I think it should just be a certain number of gymnasts... the top ones from the prelims make the finals... and if all 5 members of team USA make it, and some other country only gets one, that's too bad.  It's "Individual", it's in the name of the event!

-This US team is so good, I actually fell asleep watching them rout Angola the other day.  Would they beat the 92 dream team?  Probably not, outside of Tyson Chandler they really have no size.  But, I think it would have been a heck of a game.  The 92 team was much better offensively, but this current team is much better defensively.  It's fun to speculate.  No matter, if they lose to anyone it would be a colossal upset.

I find myself looking forward to watching the track and field events.  Overall, I've been pretty impressed with the Olympics, the Americans are performing well, and London appears to be doing a great job as a host.

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