Monday, January 21, 2013

Free Association - Doofus Style

OK, so I've been really, really slacking in the blogging department the past six months or so.  Well, there are some very valid reasons for this, namely:

  1. I started a new job/career, which has kept me very busy...and keeps me on a computer most of the time.  
  2. We moved (new job related), and putting things away, getting organized, and household stuff took over.
  3. For the first time in two years, I'm coaching BB again, and this has deeply cut into any free time I've had.
Once in a while, I'd have a good idea or two, but then I wouldn't have time, and I'd lose momentum, and then the urge to blog would go away.

So today, I thought I'd just throw down some thoughts and observations about pretty much anything that comes to mind.  

Greetings to my Russian friends!

I went to the "stats" page of my blog, and after Americans...the number of Page views by country...Russia comes in 2nd with 154 page views... (Over 50 ahead of 3rd place, the United Kingdom).  I wonder why Russian people are "stumbling" across my blog.  Or maybe they are American people in Russia... or, whatever, Welcome Comrades!


I painted my son's room today, and while I was working I listened to a couple of different podcasts.  Adam Carolla and Jay Mohr were the two I listened to (they are probably my favorites, along with the BS Report).  The Adam Carolla show is probably the best show in the genre, and honestly there are so many good podcasts out there any more... it's actually quite incredible.  I'd be lying if I didn't mention that I've often thought about doing a podcast myself at some point.  But here's the big catch... I'm boring.  What the hell would I talk about that people would want to listen to?  And who would I talk to?  I don't know many interesting people.  So although it might be something fun to try, it would pretty much only be for me.

Manti Te'o

So the Notre Dame star linebacker was taken in by a "Catfish" scheme, and fell in love with a girl who didn't exist...who then died of cancer.  OK.  Isn't he supposed to be like a very good student, at a very prestigious university?  So far, we've learned that Manti was fooled enough to tell the world that this person he'd never met was in fact, his girlfriend, and that she died the same day as his Grandmother.  I really don't care anymore, at first the story was so incredible I got swept up in it like everyone else.  Although I would like to make special mention of the excellent reporting of  They broke the story, and have also done a great job with updates like this.

Rock and Roll T-shirts

Remember that time you got a new job, and weren't allowed to wear PE clothes to work anymore?  And you decided that to "keep it real" you should get some Rock and Roll T-shirts to wear under your sweaters? Oh, that was just me?  OK.  Anyway, waited until I got some Christmas Cash, and ordered 5 classic rock t-shirts.  Looking forward to wearing them. Don't make fun of me.  
Yes, that's a Journey shirt among the Beatles, Zeppelin, and Pink with it.

Brookings Half Marathon

I've decided to run the Brookings Half Marathon again this year.   I believe this is the 5th time.  Also participated in the Marathon Relay a few times, as well.  Anyways, it's very difficult to find time to get the training in.  If you are looking to run a Marathon, Half Marathon, or participate in a Marathon Relay...I'd give Brookings some serious consideration, it's a great race.

Lance Armstrong

So Lance finally confessed to Oprah.  And people are surprised he came off as arrogant?  Really?  The guy is a giant prick.  I remember first hearing the rumors of doping, and thought "no way".  And every time Lance would come out with a new accusation, and lawsuit, and I'd be all like "you get 'em Lance".  But eventually, too many people kept coming forward, too many teammates turned on him.  And people don't like this guy....the guy who lied to everyone for years and years...and sued people that he knew were telling the truth.  Yes, he's a jerk, he's arrogant, what else did you expect?  The guy only came forward because he had no choice.

Scrubs is fun to watch

Bought the complete collection of all the Scrubs seasons for Christmas, and we've slowly been making our way through them.  I know I've blogged about this before, but it's been really fun to watch, and we've been laughing our butts off around the house.

Twitter is addicting as you've heard

I held out for a long time.  I wouldn't get a twitter account.  Who wanted to hear from me (Judging by my 67 followers...compared to 735 Tweets...not many)?  However, I got tired of reading twitter updates from my favorite sportswriters.. by having to look them up individually, and I broke down and started an account before the NFL draft last spring.  Along the way, I discovered a number of things that are really fun to do while on twitter:  watching the presidential debate, watching the "big game", watching awards shows.  I highly recommend getting one, if you haven't yet.

The Chargers "Start Over"

The Norv Turner/AJ Smith era is over.  After an extensive search, the team ended up hiring Tom Telesco as the General Manager, and Mike McCoy as the newest Head Coach.  I'll reserve judgement until they have had a few seasons to do their job... but the first impressions are really good.  The Press Conference with Coach McCoy was very impressive.  Best wishes to the new guys in charge, and hope they can turn things around.
Hope these guys can lead the Chargers back to respectability.

Zero Dark Thirty

Actually took the wife on a date a few weeks ago, and we attended this film.  I came away very impressed with the doesn't really take a stance one way or another about the war, the use of terror, or any of those subjects.... it allows you to form your own opinion.

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