Friday, December 26, 2014

This Blog Stinks!

So, I'd been thinking of blogging about something, and I actually looked in here, and the last blog post was in April.  During the 1st round of the NFL Draft?

This Blog does stink.

It's not that there isn't some things out there that I couldn't have blogged about:

  • The REM by MTV Documentary
  • The Foo Fighters Sonic Highways Series on HBO
  • The first "College Football Final Four?
  • Why the NFL is losing credibility (at least for me)
  • "The Interview" movie being cancelled
  • Seeing the Avett Brothers in concert this summer
  • Books I've read (there's been some good ones)
So, you know...  I think I'm going to maybe look at A Total REVAMP!

Re-doing the format, maybe adding a couple of gadgets.  

I heard Henry Rollins on the "Mohr Stories" podcast, and he talked about how much he writes a day.

And I hear Adam Carolla and his show, and they are always talking about how if someone really wants to do something... they just do it.  They don't sit around and wait for it to happen.  They make it happen.

So, I'm hoping to come back, and soon.

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