Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blog Update!

Did a little "remodeling" to the blog.  Changed the background, and the colors.

Just needed a new look.

Also changed the photo and quote on the right.

This will hopefully continue to be an ongoing feature, in which I will highlight people that I find to be inspirational both in life and athletics.

The legendary Coach John Wooden replaces running icon Emil Zatopek.

Hopefully the changes are a bit "easier on the eyes" than the old black background, and I've also increased the font size so it's a bit easier to read.

Other than that, I've been taking some time off to finish my semester in Grad School, had a final paper due this week and been busy working on that in my free time.

Paper will be turned in Wednesday, and I should have some time to share my "doofus" thoughts.


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