Sunday, January 4, 2015

Boo Yeah - Remembering Stuart Scott

This morning, I learned of the passing of Stuart Scott, and it made me sad.

And then I started reading the tweets, and the stories, and watched the video tributes, and I got really sad.

What really hit home to me, is he has a daughter who is a Freshman in college (just like me), and he's 49 years old (just 5 years older than I).  His oldest daughter is named Taelor, mine is Taylor.

My favorite story I read today(it's mentioned in this piece), was involving ESPN personality Sage Steel, and how when she was moving her family out west from Bristol, CT (where ESPN is headquartered), and her young son was upset about the coming move, and leaving his best friend behind.  And Stuart Scott told her "I got this",  and took her son aside and talked to him for 20 minutes about when he had to move as a child.

I'm going to miss you Stuart Scott.  I will always remember your highlights, your sayings (As cool as the other side of the pillow), the way you used to 'recognize' Carolina players in the pros (Antawn Jamison, Tar Heel), but mostly I will miss your energy, your perspective and the joy you brought to us all.

I think the best thing I saw all day, was Rich Eisen's Farewell on the NFL network.  Eisen and Scott co-hosted the Midnight edition of Sportscenter for a few years, and they had a great chemistry.

I will leave the final words on this to to Rich.

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