Friday, April 26, 2013

Live Blog: 2013 NFL Draft-Round 3

And here with go with Round 3!

-Impossible for Round 3 to top Round 2...however  Terron Armstead, Offensive Tackle is still out there for my Chargers.  Also, DT John Jenkins, and a couple good corners.  Should be interesting.

63rd Pick.  Chiefs select- TE Travis Kelce from Cincinatti
64th Pick:  Jags select Dwayne Gratz, CB from Connecticut
65th Pick:  Lions (this could be Terron Armstead) - Larry Warford, Guard from Kentucky (I like this pick)
66th Pick:  Raiders - Sio Moore, OLB from Connecticut  (Kiper and McShay love the pick)
67th Pick:  Eagles - Bennie Logan, DT from LSU
68th Pick:  Browns - Leon McFadden, CB, San Diego State

- So far in Round 3, I really only know one player selected... Larry Warford.  And yes, there ARE guys I studied up on still out there... Jenkins, Hoyer, Armstead, to name a few...

69th Pick:  Cardinals - Tyronne Matthieu, CB from LSU...and the Honey Badger has a home!
-most of they "where will they go" guys are gone now, except for QB's Matt Barkley, and Ryan Nassib.

70th Pick:  Titans - CB Bidi Wreh-Wilson, from Connecticut (that's 3 Huskies in a short time!)
71st Pick:  Rams - Safety, TJ McDonald from USC
72nd Pick:  Jets - Ryan Winter, Offensive Tackle, Kent State (Surprised he went before Armstead, but glad)
-Lots of good picks sitting there for the chargers...only 3 picks ahead of them.

73rd Pick:  Buccaneers -Mike Glennon, QB from NC State (Taken ahead of Barkley and Nassib?)
74th Pick:  Cowboys - Terrance Williams, WR from Baylor (according to LaCanfora)

It's not possible for the chargers to NOT get a good player here... I'm very curious as to what they'll do.  Good Corner?  Good WR?  Armstead at Offensive Tackle?  Let's see what happens.

75th Pick:  Saints -  reports say, OT Terron Armstead, Arkansas Pine Bluff
-and the pick is... Armstead.  And that was something, with the pick announcement from the paralyzed former player.

76th Pick:  Chargers - WR Keenan Allen from California
- I didn't really study him, but he was projected 2nd round pick.  Some people had him in the first round.
Welcome to the Chargers, Keenan!
Many people said he was the "most complete" WR in the draft.  Sounds like he was just too good to pass up.  Draft profile on  I like the selection.

77th Pick:  Dolphins - Dallas Thomas, Offensive Tackle, Tennessee (Could be a Guard)
78th Pick:  Bills - Marquise Goodwin, WR from Texas
79th Pick:  Steelers  - Marcus Wheaton, WR from Oregon State

- What I like about the Chargers pick... the NFL prospect grades on their draft tracker?  Keenan Allen is the highest rated of all of them.  I like it.  Tom Telesco saw or felt the rush on WR's coming, and went and got the best one.

80th Pick:  Cowboys -  JJ Wilcox, Free Safety from Georgia Southern
81st Pick:  Giants - DeMontre Moore, DE from Texas A&M
82nd Pick:  Dophins - traded to Saints - John Jenkins DT from Georgia (Nice Pick!)
83rd Pick:  Patriots - Logan Ryan, CB from Rutgers  (Surprised that Poyer from Oregon State hasn't been taken)
84th Pick:  Bengals - Shawn Williams, Safety from Georgia
85th Pick:  Redskins - Jordan Reed, TE from Florida
86th Pick:  Colts - Hugh Thornton, OG from Illinois
87th Pick:  Seahawks - Jordan Hill, DT from Penn State
88th Pick:  49ers - (from Packers) -Corey Lemonier, DE from Auburn
89th Pick:  Texans - Brennan Williams, OT from North Carolina

Matt Barkley is still on the Board...   Maybe someone trades up into the end of the 3rd?  Cuz none of these teams need a qb.   Ryan Nassib too.  Tough Draft for Nassib.  People had him going at 8 to Buffalo...round 3 almost over, and he's still undrafted.

90th Pick:  Broncos - Kayvon Webster, CB from USF  (they needed another DB to guard Keenan Allen)
91st Pick:  Patriots - Duron Harmon, Safety from Rutgers (that's 2 DB's from Rutgers!)

- Kiper, McShay, Dilfer, and Polian all loving the Mante Te'o pick just now.  Kiper said "could be the best pick of the draft, right now".

92nd Pick:  Rams - Stedman Bailey, WR from West Virginia (joins teammate Taevaun Austin)
93rd Pick:  49ers - TRADE!  to the Dolphins...who could this be for?  Not Barkley?
-and the Dolphins select:  Will Davis, Cornerback from Utah State
94th Pick:  Ravens - Brandon Williams, DT from Missouri Southern
95th Pick:  Texans - Sam Montgomery, DE from LSU
96th Pick:  Chiefs - Knile Davis, RB from Arkansas
97th Pick:  Titans -Zaviar Gooden, OLB Missouri

A few final thoughts before I sign off.  I like the Chargers picks so far.  Te'o and Allan are first round talents taken later in the draft.  Also displayed a good sense of timing.... After Te'o was selected there was a run on ILB's.  After Allan was selected, there was a run on WR's.  This has been really fun, at least I enjoy putting my thoughts down on the internet.

No Live Blog tomorrow!  I'll be attending a track meet tomorrow, and relying on my cell phone to get get updates on the chargers selections.  Hope you enjoyed reading...and thank you for taking the time to do so.

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