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Live Blog: 2013 NFL Draft Round 2

We'll be live blogging once again, tonight.

Although, not in near as much detail as last night.  Mostly, I'll post the picks, and maybe make a comment or two on some of the more interesting selections.  And, as always, I'll be paying special attention to the San Diego Chargers.

Topics of interest tonight:

  • West Virginia Quarterback Geno Smith
  • Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Teo
  • USC Quarterback Matt Barkley
It wil be interesting to see where these players go, and when they will be selected.

For the Chargers, I have my hopes set on one of two Offensive Tackles:  Menelik Watson or Terron Armstead.  So, it's Day 2, Round 2, and I'll be sitting here hoping that one of the tackles fall to the Chargers again.  Weird.  Also curious as to what the team will do in round 3...  I had the Offensive Guard/Center Barret Jones from Alabama in my Mock Draft, but I think that's highly unlikely with the selection of DJ Fluker in Round One.  

If I had to guess on Round 3, for the Chargers at this point... I'd be looking at:  Cornerbacks David Amerson or Darius Slay; Inside Linebackers Kiko Alonzo, or Jon Bostic; or another position of need, which could be Guard, but could also be Outside Lineback (pass rusher) or perhaps Tight End or Wide Receiver.  

It's also possible that the Chargers take a Cornerback like Jordan Poyer in Round 2, basically I have no idea, and I'm grasping at straws.

Stay Tuned tonight... It all gets rolling in about another hour!  

Live Tweeting going on, with the hashtag #DoofusDraft

Mel Kiper was just on the set.... 25 minutes until the draft starts, and he brought out the "tremendous value" slogan.  I love Kiper and his "value pick" selections!

Adam Schefter is tweeting that Jacksonville will make the pick, not trade it, and they are looking at Cornerbacks.

Some great discussion on the "Honey Badger" on espn.  Bill Polian said he'd take him off his board, Trent Dilfer said it would be really hard for someone like that to "turn their life around" when they get all this money, and all they have to do is play football.

Best thing about Round 2...only 7 minutes between picks.
Best thing about Round 3... only 5 minutes between picks.

Just a couple minutes to go, and Jacksonville will be on the clock...

Trey Wingo manning the anchor position tonight for Boomer.  Man, remember the days when Boomer, TJ, and Kiper did all 8 rounds, pretty much by themselves?  Those were the days.

Jacksonville is on the Clock for the first pick of the second round... Pick 33  - Schefter tweeted earlier than Jacksonville is probably picking a corner
With the 33rd pick, the Jaguars select...Safety John Cyprien from Florida International

34th Pick is possibly being traded by the 49ers to the Titans.
-and the Titans select:  Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee

35th Pick is the Eagles:  TE Zach Ertz, from Stanford  (3 picks in, and no Offensive Tackles yet!)
36th Pick is the Lions: (I bet here come a Tackle...because I did that)
Nope!  CB Darius Slay  Mississippi State

37th Pick is the Bengals (thanks to the Raiders for Carson'd that work out, Silver and Black?)
-RB Gio Bernard from North Carolina  (interesting...didn't see him being the first RB)

38th Pick is the Cardinals:  (no clue what they do here)  TRADED to the Chargers!  Woah!
with the 38th Pick, the Chargers take... Who?  Who? Menelik Watson?  Terron Armstead?
-Linebacker Manti Teo!  Holy Smokes...I'm Blown Away!  Blown Away!  Didn't see that coming.

Hope you play as well in SD as you did at ND.
Honestly, I'm going to have a hard time thinking for the next half hour or so, here.
I wonder what they gave up to get him?  They moved up 7 spots.
And Eisen tells me they give up their 4th round pick.  That's it.

39th Pick is the Jets:  Is it Geno time?  And it is!  QB Geno Smith from West Virginia.

Between Teo and Geno being picked back to back... we should just take a five minute break.
(Smoke em if you got em  #Spaceballs)

40th Pick is the 49ers (sheesh, they fleeced the Titans out of next years 3rd):
-Tank Carradine, DE, Florida State.  (Another Pass Rusher SF?  You don't play fair.)
TWEET from "Red Hed Jess":  I wanted to announce the Niners Pick!

41st Pick is the Bills:  Robert Woods, WR, USC  (pretty good player)
42nd Pick is the Raiders:  (If Al was still here, I know they'd screw this up, now I'm not so sure)
-Menelik Watson, Offensive Tackle, Florida State.... that's one of the guys I wanted!
(of course, that has changed drastically with the Teo pick)

43rd Pick is the Buccaneers:  Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi State
TWEET from Frank Caliendo:  BREAKING: Sources say Chargers drafting Manti Te'o may be part of a very elaborate hoax.
TWEET from Adam Schefter:  With 2nd-round selection of Geno Smith, Jets now have surplus of QBs, leading some sources to say team will consider releasing Mark Sanchez.

44th Pick is the Panthers:  DT Kawaan Short, Purdue
45th Pick is the Cardinals: (from the Chargers)-  LB Kevin Minter, LSU
46th Pick is the Bills:  LB Kiko Alonzo, Oregon
(suddenly a rush on Inside Linebackers...Te'o pick looking good)
47th Pick is the Cowboys:  TE Gavin Escobar, San Diego State
48th Pick is the Steelers:  RB Le'Veon Bell from Michigan State (that's 2 before Lacy!  surprising)
49th Pick is the Giants:  DT Johnathan Hankins, from Ohio State
50th Pick is the Bears:  LB Jon Bostic, Florida  (another ILB in the "run" that Te'o started)
51st Pick is the Redskins:  CB David Amerson, NC State

-Been getting alot of the picks before they are announced from Jason LaCanfora's twitter feed, but he totally butchered those Giants and Bears Picks.  Had the RB from UCLA going to both.

-Also, think I'm going to break this into another, seperate post for round 3.  Just getting kinda longish.

52nd Pick is the Patriots:  Outside LB, Jamie Collins from Southern Miss  (Who?  I don't know)  This was one of the picks from the Vikings to trade back into the first round, last night.

53rd Pick is the Bengals:  DE Margus Hunt from SMU (I didn't realize SMU played defense?)
54th Pick is the Dolphins:  CB Jamar Taylor from Boise State (I like this pick)
55th Pick is the Packers:  Traded to the 49ers!
-The San Francisco 49ers select:  TE Vance McDonald from Rice (makes sense, they lost one in FA)

56th Pick is the Seahawks:  Trade to the Ravens!
-And the Baltimore Ravens select:  LB Arthur Brown, Kansas State (another ILB type, I like him)

I gotta stamina is running out.  I think in the third round, I'll post until the chargers pick, and then wait...and just post the results and thoughts afterwards.  This is exhausting to do for nothing but fun.

57th Pick is the Texans:    Safety, DJ Swearinger from South Carolina  (I bet he's got a potty mouth)
58th Pick is the Broncos:  RB Montee Ball from Wisconsin (another RB before Lacy?  that's strange)
59th Pick is the Patriots:  WR Aaron Dobson from Marshall
60th Pick is the Falcons:  CB Robert Alford from SE Louisiana
-that Pick was announced by Leon Sandcastle!
61st Pick is the Packers:(from the Niners)  RB Eddie Lacy, Alabama (LOVE this pick...good one)
62nd Pick is the Seahawks: (from the Ravens)    Christine Michael RB, from Texas A & M

And that's it for Round 2!  I'm going to have a hard time getting as excited for round 3.  Don't know as many picks, and let's face it, it will be impossible to top the Te'o and Geno picks back to back!

Yowza...I'm already tired.

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