Monday, May 20, 2013

It's a Mad World

...and we're all living in it.

Mad Men has changed the way we view television.
It's very difficult to explain the appeal of the television series Mad Men.

I remember the first few times I tried to tell people about it.  "It's set in the 60's.  And it's about advertising executives in New York...on Madison Avenue...that's where they get the name 'Mad Men'.  And it's really good."

This was usually met with the response, "That doesn't sound very interesting".

To which I replied, "I know.  But that's the thing... it's phenomenal."  And, I'd go on to talk about how addicting the show was...and how my wife in I would lie in bed and watch it streaming from Amazon, and we'd watch the show one after another....

Mr. Draper is not your typical protagonist.
Usually, people would just shrug and walk away, a little confused...and probably thinking that I was more than a little strange.

However,as time went on, and the accolades for the show kept rolling in, more people I knew started watching.  I don't even feel like an "outsider" for watching it anymore.

Show Runner Matthew Weiner holding the fruits of his labor.
As I was watching last night's episode, "The Crash" (major plot point:  numerous members of the agency get a "supervitamin injection" in the buttocks...which led to all sorts of irregular behavior in the office, as they worked through the weekend trying to come up with a 'pitch' for Chevrolet) I decided... you know what... I'm going to post about Mad Men again.

Ken Cosgrove tap dancing last night... I shall never forget this.
It's truly the best show on television.  Full of unforgettable characters, excellent plot twists, and... and... some of the best acting that's ever been done on the "small screen".  I could go on and on and on about why you should watch it.  But the best way is probably just to say... "watch 2 episodes back to back...and if you aren't hooked, I apoligize".  I've never met a single person who started watching this show and said "meh".  It's usually the same story... "I started watching...and I just couldn't stop."

If you haven't started watching it yet... do yourself a favor and give it a try.  But, start at the beginning.... get the dvd's, or rent it online... but start at the very beginning.

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