Saturday, June 8, 2013

Go Buy "Modern Vampires of the City" today!

Note:  I am NOT a publicist or a promoter.  I have no interest in the new Vampire Weekend album other than to spread the word about good music.

So, have you purchased Vampire Weekend's new album yet?

If not, why?  Modern Vampires of the City is one of the best albums I have heard in years.  Yes, years.

(I know I blogged about this before, so I'm going to keep this short)

Here's what you do... click on these embedded videos from youtube, and listen to them... whilst you continue to surf the web in another tab.

Listen to all four songs, ok?  Starting with "Unbelievers"

Then, we slow it down with "Step"
Third track, the first release "Diane Young"
And lastly, "Worship You"

OK, so all those songs are really good, right?

So Go Forth and Buy Yourself the Album!  You will love it.  I give you the Doofus Garuntee.

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