Friday, April 27, 2012

Chargers draft: Round One Analysis and Round 2 and 3 Predictions.

OK, after last night's draft frenzy... I withdraw from looking at other teams are doing, and am now concentrating on my chargers.

First Round Pick Melvin Ingram.
-Love this pick.  Quite honestly, I'm still in shock he was on the board when the chargers picked.  I was convinced we were going to end up with Mercilus, Jones, or McClellan as our first round pick.  And there is nothing wrong with any of those guys... It's just that Melvin Ingram is better.

I'd like to personally send a thank you to Pete Carroll for drafting Devine, and to Rex Ryan and Jets for taking Couples.  Who again, I think both are good players... but I like Ingram better than both.

Not sure how the probable best defensive player in the draft fell to the 18th pick, but I'll take it.

2nd and 3rd round predictions.
Boy, this is really tough to do, because the Bolts could go in a number of directions here, and it really is going to depend on who other teams take.

Cordy Glenn the big Guard from Georgia is still on the board, which is surprising, and the Bolts lost OG Kris Deilman in the off-season, but no way he lasts to pick 17... they'd have to trade up to get him.

I've also heard safety mentioned with the Chargers a lot, but the Vikings move up to get Harrison Smith from Notre Dame puts that on the back burner, maybe a 3rd rounder, but not in the 2nd.

Courtney Upshaw from Alabama still isn't drafted.  But, the Chargers would need to move up to get him, and he plays the same position basically as Ingram, so I don't see that happening either.

My predictions that don't mean a thing for the chargers are:

2nd Round -Brandon Brooks OG - Miami (Ohio)
-AJ usually avoids offensive linemen early, but the only reason this guy has fallen this far, is that he plays at a small school.  The Chargers have a need at OL, and safety, and this guy is a better prospect than any safety that's available.

3rd Round - Isiah Pead RB - Cincinnati
-I know alot of Chargers fans want LaMichael James with this pick, and I'd be ecstatic if he fell that far, but I don't see it happening.  Isiah Pead is a nice running back, if not a "scat back" like James.  The best thing about Pead, is he has good hands, and is good in pass protection.  This is an area where Ryan Mathews struggles and Pead can come in and be a threat as a 3rd down back.  We'd be set at back with Mathews (starter), Hester (short yardage), and Pead (passing back).

Signing off for now.

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