Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dallas gave the Rams their second round pick to move up to the 6th pick.


Jax, really didn't give up too much then... but I still don't agree with that pick.

at #6 Dallas takes the Honey Badger!  good pick, I guess.  Not sure I'd have traded up for him... particularly at the price.  You mean to tell me the difference between Claiborne and the 2nd corner was worth a 2nd round pick?    I don't get it.

at #7 Tampa Bay selects Mark Barron S from Alabama.
-well there goes my chargers prediction

at #8 Miami takes... Ryan Tannehill QB from Texas A and M.  Good move there, not trading up for him.  I'm not sold on him as a quarterback...but his college coach is now with the Dolphins, so he may know something more than me.

at #9  Carolina picks Luke Kuechly LB from Boston College.  Seems like a good pick.  Mike Mayock is absolutely loving the pick.  I switched over to nfl network... and they immediately cut to commercial.  back to espn.

at #10  the Bills  select Stephon Gilmore, CB from South Carolina.  Actually I heard he had a higher ceiling than Honey Badger.

Ok, I'm going to publish and come back with picks 11-15.

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