Thursday, April 26, 2012

First 5 Picks!

Indy.. Andrew Luck.

Washington... Robert Giffin III

Cleveland ... Richardson

Minnesota ...  Matt Kalil OT USC... seems like a good pick.

Meanwhile @ 5, The Jaguars have traded with the Buccaneers to move into the 5th.  Tampa gains an extra 4th round pick for moving back.  Sheesh...Minnesota absolutely raped the Browns, and got the guy they wanted.

Jacksonville ... the pick is...   Justin Blackmon WR Ok. State.

Wow... #1 I'm surprised Blackmon went that high, and #2 - Why did Jax feel it necessary to move up to get him?

Dallas has moved up to 6.

1 comment:

  1. Been interesting so far. For the top ten.

    How many trades does the doofus think are going to be coming yet in the first round?