Monday, April 30, 2012

Draft Leftovers, and the NBA Playoffs start.

First of all, just a quick recap of the chargers, and their draft picks.  Why the chargers draft picks?  Because that's my team... and that's really the only team I look into in depth.

Round 1.  Melvin Ingram DE/OLB South Carolina
-I really like this pick.  In fact, I like it more today than I did on Thursday night.  Now, if in a year or two I still like it alot, that will mean something.

Round 2.  Kendall Reyes DT Connecticut
-Another solid pick.  He'll play a DE in the chargers 3-4.  As I went looking through the draft boards, and draft sites, and yes looking at the message boards of a few of their division rivals... teams were pretty unhappy that the Bolts ended up with him, so a good pick.

Round 3.  Brandon Taylor SS LSU
- Chargers had a need at safety, and tried to fill it with Taylor.  Not sure if he's ready to step on the field yet, and they need someone to do that.  But, they didn't reach for him in the 2nd round.  They held their ground, and he fell to them in the 3rd (although they had to move up to get him).  Most analysts felt he was the 3rd or 4th best safety in the draft, so it looks good on paper.  Now, can he play?

Round 4.  Ladarious Green  TE  Louisiana-Lafayette
-I actually had my eye on this guy as a possible draft pick not long after the season ended.  I liked his athleticism and speed.  However, then the chargers re-signed Randy Micmichael, Kory Sperry, and then signed FA TE Dante Rosario.... and then all TE's fell of my draft radar.

Round 5.  Johnnie Troutman OG Penn State
-The only real "head scratcher" of the Chargers draft.  Troutman is noted as being really talented, but unmotivated and overweight.  (He also had the slowest time of all players at this year's draft combine).  However, with all that said... He was a 3 year starter at Penn State, and according to their stats, never given up a sack.  That's pretty impressive in the Big 10.  He's a real wait and see kind of guy.

Round 6.  -traded away the rights to this pick to the dolphins to trade up and grab Brandon Taylor in Round 3.

Round 7.  David Molk C Michigan
-Outstanding pick.  Maybe the best pick in the draft, after Ingram.  In Molk you have a guy who, was the four year starter at Michigan.  All Big 10 First Team, All American First Team (depending on which award list you look at), and Rimington Award Winner (the award given annually to the nation's top center).  How did this guy last to the 7th round?  Well, he had an injury or two, and he's small for a center... he also put up the most reps of any offensive lineman at the combine.  And he has an attitude.  I love this kid.  Remember him in a year or two, when he takes over for Nick Hardwick as the starting Center.

Round 7. (Compensatory pick)  Edwin Baker RB Michigan State.
-To be honest, I could take or leave this pick.  He had a great Sophomore season, but last year, his junior year, he lost carries to a freshman who was a better prospect.  The chargers have a need at the back-up running back position, and 7th round picks rarely make the squad anyway... so it's a roll of the dice.  I got a feeling they'll pick up a FA running back, and Baker will get a year on the practice squad.

Also, just wanted to give a quick shout-out to my boys at  My favorite Chargers message board, and the place to go if you want to talk Chargers football.

NBA Playoffs - Kickoff

- Quick glance at each of the 8 first round playoff series.
Bulls Lead the Sixers 1-0
-to be honest, the real story here is Derrick Rose tearing his ACL late in game 1.  The Bulls won alot of games without Rose in the lineup this season.  But the playoffs aren't the regular season, and you have to think this put a serious dent in Chicago's playoff hopes.

Heat Lead the Knicks 1-0
-It's not like the Knicks had that much of a shot anyway.  But losing Iman Shumpert to and ACL injury in the first game of the series sounded the death knoll for the Knicks.  This went from possibly being a 6 game series, to a potential sweep.

Magic Lead the Pacers 1-0
-The Magic should not be leading the Pacers.  The Pacers are a team that is fun to watch, and fun to cheer for, however Stan Van Gundy is doing a great job of embellishing his resume just in case Orlando management decides to side with Dwight Howard and let him go at the end of the season.  I'm thinking this one could go 7 games.

Hawks Lead the Celtics 1-0.
-This wasn't that big of a story, until Rajon Rondo "accidentally" bumped into an official late in last night's game.  The NBA has pretty hard and fast rules that "if you bump into an official, you will sit a game".  They played without Ray Allen last game, who is nursing an ankle injury, and it's possible that game 2 may be played without Allen and Rondo, you've gotta think that leads to a 2-0 Atlanta lead before they head back to Boston.  And I don't care if the Celtics come back to win the series, the last thing this Aging and Undersized team is going to want to do is play more games than necessary... They can't be playing 7 game series each round and expect to make a run, they just can't.

Spurs Lead the Jazz 1-0
-I mentioned this yesterday to my brother, who was at my house.  If the Jazz are the 8th seed in the West, that says something about how tough the Western Conference is.  The Jazz have an advantage in the frontcourt... but their backcourt is going to have to do a much better job than they did in game one if they want to make this a series.... Tony Parker was running around like the fastest kid in school at recess yesterday.

Thunder Lead the Mavericks 1-0
-The Mavericks are 1 bouncing off the rim, Kevin Durant closing moments shot from taking away home court advantage from the Thunder.  Honestly, I could see this going either way.  1.  The Thunder have survived their game one scare, dominate in game two, Split in Dallas, and clinch at home in game 5.  OR... The Mavericks see how close they have come... decide, "we're the defending champs, we ain't going out like this", and stretch the series out over 7 games.  I still see the Thunder winning, but the Mavs have a big advantage in coaching...and adjustments are huge when it comes to the playoffs.

Lakers Lead the Nuggets 1-0
-I'll just come out and admit it early, I'm a Lakers fan, and so I'm biased.  But I really thought the Lakers win in game One was the most impressive game played by any team so far in the first round.  However, what does that mean?  Bupkiss.  I would not be totally shocked to see the Nuggets pull off a game 2 win.  I think game two is going to be close no matter who wins... I have no faith in this current Laker team to dominate a series.  I just don't.  They are good when they play good, but they can play awful.  I'm not sure what to think of Mike Brown yet, I think he's done a decent job managing all the egos he has to handle, but then again he hasn't blown me away either... I wait until the last week of the season to make Jordyn Hill your 3rd post?  Really?  I think he's been a good player, and I've enjoyed watching his work ethic on the court, but shouldn't he have gotten a shot a bit earlier?

Clippers Lead the Grizzlies 1-0
-I woke up this morning shocked to hear the final results of this game.  I thought for sure the Grizzlies would win.  The Clippers have Chris Paul, and Blake Griffen, and ???   I could see this one going 6-7 games easily, and I can still see either team win it.  I don't trust the Clippers.  I don't trust Vinny Del Negro (who Chris Paul had to beg to get put back into the game last night) over the course of a series to make the right moves.  However, anytime your main hopes for a team to win rely on the name, "Z-Bo"... well, let's just say that's anything but a lock.  Personally, I more inclined the Clippers falling behind by 27 points means more than the comeback win.

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