Thursday, April 26, 2012

Picks 21-32

Pick 21 traded for by the Patriots is in, and has been reported that it's Chandler Jones will be the selection.
-And that is what happens.

Pick 22 is the Browns, and it's reported they are looking at QB Brandon Wheeden from Oklahoma State.
and that is the pick.  Not sure what I think of this.  The Browns have alot of needs...why reach for a qb?  I don't like this pick.  I disagree with Gruden and Kiper.  But, they do know more than I do.

Just got a text from Timmah!  Riley Reiff to the Lions.  Let's see how this plays out.

I may be sappy, but I love this military tribute that they do in the middle of the draft.  Thanks fellas, and ladies, for your service.

Terry Vandrovec from the Argus Leader is tweeting that Riley Reiff is indeed, the selection of the Detroit Lions.  Riley is from Parkston, South Dakota.  I remember watching him play HS Basketball.... a huge man on the court in a HS BB game.

WR Calvin Johnson of the Lions makes the announcement of Riley Reiff OT from Iowa.

Timmah! is 2 for 2.

The 24th pick is the Steelers... Adam Schefter tweeting that they will take David DeCastro.

And the Steelers do pick the Guard from Stanford.  I think this is a really good pick.

8 picks to go.

Patriots trade up again, this time with the Broncos to get the 25th pick.  This time they select Dante Hightower LB from Alabama.  So the Patriots have taken a pass rusher and a linebacker.  Both times by trading up into the first round... which is usually the opposite of what they do.

The Texans are up at 26.  No idea where they go.  A couple Good Olinemen left.  Some good corners still out there.

I find myself riveted to see if anyone else trades up to get back into the first round like the Patriots just did.

DE/OLB Whitney Mercilus from Illinois.  Well, Mario Williams did leave.

At 27, the Bengals make their second first round pick...  they went Cornerback earlier.  I gotta think OG Cordy Glenn from Georgia is going to get picked here pretty soon.  Not saying that's what the Bengals do, but just saying...that was a guy with alot of press and was highly regarded, and not taken yet.

With the 27th pick, the Bengals end up selecting.  Kevin Zeitler G from Wisconsin.  Cordy Glenn still out there?  Oh well, what do I know?

28th selection belongs to the Green Bay Packers.  They could pick anything.
-They pick DE Nick Perry from USC to play OLB opposite Clay Matthews.

at 29, the Vikings have traded back into the first round with a trade with the Ravens.
- I've gotta think they have a cornerback they want here.  Maybe the running back from Boise State? Naw, that can't be.  No tight ends taken yet.  Maybe this is Cordy Glenn?
Vikings give a 2nd and a 4th to move back into the first.
-Harrison Smith S from Notre Dame.  Not a bad pick.  I know the Chargers GM AJ Smith had said complimentary things about him.

30th pick belongs to the 49ers.  - AJ Jenkins WR Illinois.
-Kiper and Boomer think that this was a pretty good pick.

Tampa will trade with Denver to take the 31st pick.  Who are the Bucs looking at?  Maybe the RB from Boise State?  that's my thought.
-and Doug Martin Running Back from Boise State.  I like this pick.  If you give Josh Freeman a quality back, who can run and catch and go with those young WR's and Vincent Jackson.  Seems like a good pick... Plus they are now coached by the dude from Rutgers... and they liked to run the ball.  Just seems like he fits.

And now the Super Bowl Champion Giants of New York (New York Giants!)  (Can a get a Madagascar witness?)
With the 32nd pick of the first round.. The Giants select...
BTW, Chris Berman with the line of the night, "Tom Coughlin sets the record for the guy whos been fired more than anyone when he's never been fired".

And the Giants are using all the time on the clock... did they get a message from espn that they had sold time up until 10:30 pm?  David Wilson Running Back from Virginia Tech.  Brandon Jacobs is gone so in one way, this makes sense.. but this isn't a big power back... more of a scat style back.

And with that pick, the first round of the 2012 NFL draft comes to a close.

Alright... I'm done for the night.  This is exhausting.  If you read all of these, God Gosh, thank you.

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  1. Of course I read all of them.

    Tomorrow, the Vikings will trade again, and the Raiders will do something stupid.