Thursday, April 26, 2012

Picks 11-15

With the 11th Pick, the Chiefs select... Dontari Poe NT from Memphis.  Pretty good pick.  Have heard rave reviews about Poe from the draft sites I read.  That was my prediction, and Jon Gruden agreed with me right as I said it.

In other news, I've been moved from the living room to the basement TV.  Upsetting 3 boys and ending their PS3 run for the night.

And we're at pick 12 and no pass rushers taken yet...  Will they top 2/3 guys last to my chargers?  I hope so.

At #12 the Philladelphia Eagles select...  my prediction is a pass rusher...because I just jinxed it.
-btw, the Eagles had to trade up to get this pick from the Seahawks.  they put it on the screen but I couldn't type it fast enough.
-Eagles select DT Fletcher Cox from Mississippi State.  Should be a good fit for them.  Saw highlights of that guy, and he looked great on film.  Dominated in the SEC.. which is saying something.

And the pass rushers are still out there.  C'mon Chargers!  AJ if you wanna move up to get the top pass rusher, do it now!

At #13  the Cardinals...  "Timmah" texted in to guess that the Cardinals will take Michael Floyd.  Let's see if he's correct.
(anyone else getting sick of the "Here Wego" commercial?  I mean, it's a good commercial, but c'mon budlight... run a few different commercials)
-and the pick is in... WR Michael Floyd from Notre Dame!  Timmah is one for one on predictions!

And still no real pass rushers taken yet.  5 Picks from the chargers pick, and no pass rushers taken yet.  Crazy.  Watch AJ pick a corner.

New google hangout...

Rams are picking at 14.  And the pick is in...DT Michael Brockers LSU.  Makes sense Jeff Fisher has usually made his money with good DT's.

15th pick belongs to the seahawks.  - here the first pass rusher has to go, and the pick is in immediately.
-the Seahawks select - Bruce Irvin DE from West Virginia.  Mayock is having "pickgasm".  He loves him, and calls him the best pure pass rusher in the draft.

OK, up on the next post...  16-20... the jets, bengals, chargers, bears, and titans.

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