Thursday, April 26, 2012

NFL draft getting ready!

OK, I've got 5 tabs opened... (Twitter, Google+, Blogger, NFL networks Draft tracker, and espn).

Looks like we've had our first move of the draft, already as the Vikings have swapped spots with the Browns, so the Browns have moved up one spot to grab Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

For the right to move up One Spot, the Browns gave up their 4th, 5th, and 7th round picks.  That's a crazy bounty for the Vikings for one spot.  Good move by the Viking front office (when was the last time that sentence was typed?).

So, we're a half hour away from the start of the draft, and the top 3 picks are decided.
1.  Indianapolis - Andrew Luck QB Stanford
2.  Washington - Robert Griffin QB Baylor
3.  Cleveland - Trent Richardson RB Alabama
4.  Minnesota- ???

The Vikings had the third pick in the draft, were basically already on the clock, traded down, and now are basically back on the clock again.

What do you think the Vikings do here?  Trade Down again?  Make the Pick?  Kalil?  Honey Badger?

And... I have no reason for thinking this, other than a gut feeling... but I'm feeling a trade up move by the Chargers to target Alabama Safety Mark Barron.

I think I'm gonna try to post about every 5 picks or so.

Otherwise, I'll be starting a hangout at Google+ for some chat activity.

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